Camille Paillard’s Tri-Folds sofa comes with folded armrests

camille paillard tri folds sofa


We have come across a range of novel sofa designs with some doubling up as beds and some even created out of EPS fish boxes. However, this time around the design harks back to a more purist notion, albeit with its own set of innovative features. We are talking about Camille Paillard’s Tri-Folds sofa, a conventional sofa design with unique folds in its armrests.

According to the designer, the inspiration for the folding armrests came from the innate ‘sensitivity’ of leather’s application. Afterwards, the designer tried out the technique of folds with a few sketches and a prototype, until she perfected a commercial variety which could be achieved by foam and other exclusive materials.

However, beyond just the aesthetic factor, these folding armrests do have their practical purposes. For example, you can keep your books and magazines inside the recesses of the folds. The extended ‘coverage’ of upper section of the armrests also allows you to put your food plate on them, so that you can enjoy your snacks and TV at the same time.

Via: CamillePaillard / Mocoloco

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