Disney themed gingerbread mansion

Baking enthusiasts skillfully create a Disney themed gingerbread mansion

The culinary side of Christmas is about the vast range of confectioneries, starting from mouth watering pastries to sumptuous cakes. However, the gingerbread has carved out its own eminence in this grandiose field of baked dishes, partly helped by the 19th century fairy tale of  The Gingerbread Man. Now, beyond fairy tales and …

How to Paint Interior Walls of a Home

How to Paint Interior Walls of a Home

Amidst all the hullabaloo and palaver of seeking professional help with their high painting costs and labor charges, there is a chunk of hope for the more enterprising of us. In more ways than one, it is sometimes practical and more importantly cheap to undertake a personal venture in painting your own …

Kobold VR100 Saugroboter

Vorwerk Kobold VR100 Saugroboter vacuum cleaner can clean on its own

Gone are the days when you have to clumsily bend and work with that unwieldy appliance better known as a vacuum cleaner. With robotics making its foray into the world of home based electronics, we have had a myriad of smart conceptions starting from automated kitchen tools to ambiance controlling lighting mechanisms. And now the …

Enhancement of flooring

10 DIY ways to fix your home over the weekend

When it comes to structural or visual enhancement of our house, everyone of us could fantasize about high end paint jobs or state-of-the-art foundation support for our basements. However, the reality is that most of us are only free in the weekends. So, when time is of essence and weekend is …

Christmas Tree Stand

Easy to store Christmas Tree Stand

Composed of three movable rings, this Christmas tree stand has tightened leg attached to each ring. After using you can easily detach legs of this Christmas tree and store it for next festive season.

Tips to decorate your house for Spring

Tips to decorate your house for Spring

As you move from winter to spring, apart from putting away all your woolies, you’re sure to have to change a few things around your house, or just decorate it differently for spring. Here are a few things you could do to decorate your home for the new season—Spring. Remove …

J.K. Rowling plans to construct huge treehouses for her children

It’s been said that British novelist J.K. Rowling, is spending a £250,000 on two interlinked treehouses in the garden of her luxurious Edinburgh mansion. The two 40ft high Hogwarts-style two-story treehouses are being made for famous novelist’s children 9 years old David and his 7 years old sister Mackenzie. Featuring …