olaf funny toilet seat

10 weird yet funny toilet seat designs

A Funny Toilet Seat in Your Bathroom? Why a funny toilet seat cover? What is the last thing you see just before that climactic, tension-filled moment when you set your posterior upon the ‘escape pod for undigested material’? The answer is of course a toilet seat cover. Now, for most …

Makom ceramic bowl

Makom: A ceramic bowl that remarkably replicates topography

Over the space of few months, we have seen quite a few interesting designs including chair conceptions crafted from shotgun bullets or even personalized shelters mimicking female womb. However, this time we come across the ‘Makom’, a ceramic bowl whose form is fascinatingly influenced by the topographical bearing of a steep landscape.

Galaxy champagne bucket

Exquisite Galaxy champagne bucket blends class with utility

When it comes to the realm of liquors, nothing holds a candle to the sheer elegance and class of the wine family. Following this time proven edict, the Galaxy champagne bucket aptly sticks by the dictum of ‘if you have ’em, flaunt ’em’. And what’s more: the conception is also totally self …

Suzak chair fuses deft flexibility with minimal essence

Suzak chair fuses deft flexibility with minimal essence

Most of you Nolan enthusiasts have come across the aptly redesigned Batmobile, Batpod and even the flying Bat. However, if you have somehow missed on imagining how the Batman’s chair would look like, well think no more! This is because, according to our geek fueled visualization the Suzak chair nigh perfectly fills …


Designer creates modular furniture with sustainable essence

A design can only be considered truly modular when its usage pattern is defined by the very essence of its flexibility. In this regard, ‘Make-a-new Collection’ is certainly the ultimate modular design in furniture, giving the designer nigh endless possibilities on how to craft his specimen. These possibilities include the usage …

vescovi ambra pellet stove

Ambra poses as an exquisite pellet stove with futuristic design

Pellet stoves have over the years traversed the scope of their antiquely unwieldy, metallic forms. This contemporary trend is quite evident from the modernistic essence of the Ambra pellet stove.  Looking like some futuristic backpack with linear elegant embellishments, it is certainly the device to look forward to in the …

Electrolux Stand Mixer

Electrolux Stand Mixer by Peter Braakhuis

This stand mixer is an excellent example of engineering for activities, like cooking and cleaning. Electrolus is a popular brand of home appliances which focus to deliver innovative solutions. The company is celebrating its 10th anniversary with Electrolux Sand Mixer. The product gives you a chance to explore, dream and discover. …

Suicide Chair

Suicide chair crafted from recycled soda cans

Your furniture choice depicts your lifestyle, just like your car does. Which car does the person owns, Ferrari or Rolls Royce. Similarly, the quality of your furniture can tell you about person’s taste and style of living. Well, here we will introduce you to something more exciting; though furnitures do …