‘Bathing Bad’ Bath Salts created from natural ingredients

Commercially available bath salts are touted to mimic the properties of natural mineral baths and hot springs. However, as per their manufacturing process, the majority of such products have inorganic (i.e, synthetic) water-soluble ingredients. Well, for consumers who are confused by such contradictory claims, Firebox has just put on sale …

Flower Pot for Gardeners

Flower Power: An advanced sensor that checks on your plant’s organic needs

CES is not only about highfalutin appliances and advanced mobile devices. And, this is perfectly proven by the aptly christened ‘Flower Power’, a state-of-the-art plant sensor from Parrot that guides amateur gardeners. In this regard, the main function of this stake shaped sensor entails the correct measurement of various factors like sunlight, humidity, temperature …

Makom ceramic bowl

Makom: A ceramic bowl that remarkably replicates topography

Over the space of few months, we have seen quite a few interesting designs including chair conceptions crafted from shotgun bullets or even personalized shelters mimicking female womb. However, this time we come across the ‘Makom’, a ceramic bowl whose form is fascinatingly influenced by the topographical bearing of a steep landscape.

Body Container aesthetically inspired by female womb!

Body Container aesthetically inspired by female womb!

It seems that we have finally stumbled across our weird conception of the week. This time as every respectable odd ball conception, the design is influenced by a human body part (mother’s womb, to be more specific), as can be seen from the visuals mimicking some sort of a bundle …